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meat packages ship July 15


Saying farewell to the beautiful pole barn at Thornhill…



But there is a beautiful road ahead…



Meet Romeo…



He has an important job to do looking out for these guys…



Fences are going in the woods for our pigs (lucky pigs)…



And we have beautiful pasture for the sheep, chickens and steers…



okay… let’s go!


We hope you will enjoy our new farm.






Weekly Menu Recommendations and Shopping List

Weekly Menu

– Vietnamese Meatball Sandwiches
– Kale Chips
– Spring Garden Salad with Goat Cheese, Roasted Beets and Walnuts
– Baked Fried Chicken

Our Local Foods Shopping List

– Seasonal vegetable box
– Salad this week
– Alchemy Spices Bella Garlique
– Goat Cheese Split Creek
– Buttermilk
– Ground Beef
– Ground Pork
– 1 package chicken legs
– 1 package chicken breast
– Baguette
– Pecorino Cheese
– Seasonal Fruit

Groceries for the fridge and pantry

– Sea Salt
– Pepper
– Olive Oil
– Sesame oil
– Brown Rice Vinegar
– White Wine Vinegar
– Cilantro
– Hot chili sauce
– Fish sauce
– Mayonnaise
– Turbinado Sugar
– 1 Jalepeno Pepper
– Walnuts

Reserve your Thanksgiving Turkey now!

This year, Our Local Foods is pleased to offer locally raised, free-range Turkeys for your holiday meals. Quantities are limited, so reserve yours now by email. The turkeys are still ranging, so please specify your size preference as either 12-15 lbs or 15-18 lbs.
We will be in touch in early November with delivery details.

Farm Store Open!

After a restful and productive August, the Our Local Foods farm store is open for business again. Be sure to think of us for your fresh produce, grass fed beef, eggs, and specialty food items. Open Monday through Friday 9AM-5PM and Saturday 10AM-4PM.

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