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Hi there! I'd like to share a little bit about me.


Food, cooking and farming have been the focal point of my life for as long as I can remember. My earliest memories are of time spent in the kitchen and garden with my grandmothers and as a family, growing up in the beautiful rural mountains of North Carolina, we lived simply. We enjoyed gathering, preserving and preparing our meals from the season's bounty and our own pantry. I know this was such a special privilege to have had this experience, and the lessons I learned from the frugality and simplicity of my family's farm life are woven through the way I approach food today.


Young in my professional career, through apprenticeships and "on the job" culinary training, I formally learned to cook professionally and was affirmed in the art of simply prepared fresh foods for the most satisfying results. I understood quickly that, for incredible flavor, the best-tasting and healthiest foods came from emphasizing ingredients at the height of their seasonality. I also recognized the fabulous traditions that go along with "farm to table" foods


Later on, my time spent as a full-fledged "farmer" while operating Thornhill Farm in McClellanville, South Carolina, were the most fulfilling of all. My understanding of food and the rhythm of the garden fell perfectly in line with all of my intuitions and it was so very rewarding. I had the privilege to work with some of Charleston's most esteemed chefs, learn and understand from them as well.  And the practice of small-scale sustainable animal production further developed my approach to deliciously balanced and responsible food consumption.


Today, I share all these passionate understandings through small group gatherings and family meals and this blog. I hope you find these recipes and ideas a source of inspiration for eating well, feeling well and living well.










Maria Baldwin

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