Root Vegetable Nests with Eggs


Breakfast on Sunday is one of my favorite meals of the week, wouldn’t you agree?  Sometimes it is all planned out – I shop on Saturday at the farmer’s market, stop and pick up anything I know I’ll need at my grocery, and play it over in my head exactly what I will prepare, how I will plate it, what I will serve to drink, etc.

Not always, though!  Sometimes I wake up on Sunday and look in the fridge to see what may pop out at me!  I’m notorious for “pulling together” whatever is in there, and usually it comes out pretty good!  I keep the pantry pretty well stocked with good staples, so that helps!

Today I found chopped vegetables for a breakfast hash in there (remember that gumbo I made earlier in the week?) and immediately I began a simple Bachelor’s Eggs in Hash accompanied by thick cut, naturally cured bacon, fresh figs in yogurt with honey and a refreshing glass of OJ!  It was perfect with some fresh cut herbs on the eggs to bring it to life!

I hope you are having a lovely Sunday in the Charleston summer rain!

A few shots of how it came together…


This happened earlier in the week when I made gumbo!  It’s so great to cut a little extra and stash back in the refrigerator for a meal down the road.  It’s a real timesaver.  And I also stashed some heirloom potatoes already cut up…


Just a little olive oil in a heavy saute pan on low low low heat while I got my shower turned into this…


This is where the “Bachelor Eggs” comes in.  Have you ever done this where you put eggs in a whole in bread?  Kids really love that.  Well, put the whole in the hash, and let the egg cook right there in the pan.  It’s so pretty and colorful and again, on low low low heat, the eggs cook perfectly.


Then sprinkle the finished dish with your favorite salt, chopped fresh herbs and cracked black pepper.  We are really enjoying the season of figs, and with some simple yogurt and local honey, the breakfast table was so sweet!

Happy Sunday!



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