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Please Order Early
We’d like to encourage our Kitchen Table Cuisine customers to place their orders before Monday mornings as much as possible. We order in several fresh items each week such as the fresh trout fillets, clams, and goat cheese and we need to call those orders in by 8:00 am on Monday if we are going to have them for Tuesday delivery. We appreciate your cooperation and your orders.

Great Specials This Week on KTC
* New Arugula and Lemon Ravioli from Rio Bertolini Pasta – Special Introductory Price of $7.50

* Au Poivre Trout Fillet from Sunburst Trout Company – $7.99
Be sure to check out Maria’s inspired recipe – Trout Au Poivre with Arugula Lemon Ravioli, English Peas and Garlic Scape Wine Sauce

News from the Farm

The story of our farm-grown garlic- our garlic has been growing well throughout the winter and we’ve been able to harvest the delicately flavored green garlic for the last couple of weeks. We hope you’ve enjoyed the green garlic in your CSA and KTC vegetable bag

Our garlic has begun to flower—in the culinary world, these flower shoots are called scapes. This is the point where the garlic bulbs begin forming. Farmers like to remove the scapes so the plants put all their energy into forming the bulbs. Chefs consider scapes a delicacy as they are only available for a few short weeks. Maria’s inspired recipe takes advantage of the garlic scape season.

Fresh bulbed garlic has more moisture, subtlety of flavors and sweetness than what’s usually available at the grocery store. Our farm grown fresh bulbed garlic will be available in late May or early June.

Our beets are beginning to bulb up. Our CSA members will have fresh beets and fresh beet greens in a couple of weeks.
We should have beets for our KTC vegetable bags as well.

English Peas
Enlish Peas will be available in the vegetable bags next week.

We’ll be digging potatoes soon! The little red potatoes will be the first ones dug. We planted six different kinds of potatoes this year so our customers should look forward to trying multiple gourmet potato dishes this year!

Make sure to check out Jacqueline’s recipes online this week!

We’re so happy to be able to bring the best and freshest local ingredients into your home.

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